Preserving Knowledge

Since the beginning of time, there has been a need to collect knowledge - and a place to put that collection.There are those that believe that knowledge is the kind of power that everyone has the right to access.It was that thinking that led to the inception of the Ashfaera Archives, an institution dedicated to the collection and preservation of history, knowledge, magic, and truth.

Illustration by Quenn

Illustrations by Quenn

The Archives

Lining the labyrinthine halls of the Ashfaera Institute is a comprehensive archive of knowledge, collected and verified over the millennia by dedicated scholars, students, researchers, and mages covering everything from the arcane to the mundane.Researchers abound can find publications new and old on everything from botany, cooking, spellcraft, history, weaponry, and artifacts.

The Researchers

Over the centuries, scholars who have dedicated their time, knowledge, and craft to the Ashfaera Institute are known as ArchivistsAmong these are Noël and Quenn, armed with parchment, inks, vials, sketchbooks, and an unshakeable curiosity for the world around them.Find more of their works at Arcanum Dice and Quenn Makes Art.

Illustration by Houda Belgharbi